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PC Quest – September, 2010 - TaskTrek


A brilliant and efficient tool which can be ­utilized in presentations anywhere. Particularly useful for the education sector. This one-stop solution makes communication and document management simpler between workgroups by allowing you access to all information in one common place. Read More

The Hindu - February,2011

A tool to cut the clutter

The forty-per cent of the mail in your inbox will be of no use,and you may realise this while cleaning it up one fine day.If clutter bothers you,here is option. Read More

SME World – May, 2011

Smoothing Business Operation in SMEs

Though you will find many applications online for document management, project management but you will not really find something close to TaskTrek that is all in one, easy to use, affordable and replaced emails. Read More

A solution that is a right fit, at the cost you can easily afford

If you are looking to build your own collaboration software for communication with internal team or clients or customers, then we can help you.

TaskTrek is a solution for managing communications modeled around tasks, documents and team. In short, it is online collaboration software.


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